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How to get a Technician license

If you are interested in a Technician license, take a look at the book "Ham Radio License Manual Revised 2nd Edition", edited by the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). This book contains everything on electronics, antennas, regulation and radio operation you need to know to pass the exam. It also has the complete question pool with answers in the back, so no surprises on your exam. You can look for a copy of ""Ham Radio License Manual Revised 2nd Edition" in the shack, order your own copy on-line with the ARRL, or buy it in any good amateur radio store.

Once you've studied the material, you may want to do a sample test to check if you're ready to take the actual exam. Technician sample tests can be found at click on Ham Exams under Resources on the left side.

To locate an exam center, you can use the ARRL test center page. Simply type in your area code (91125 for Caltech) and it will give you a list of closeby examiners, and when they will be taking exams. Call the one you want to go to a few days in advance, to find out the exact hour and address. There is usually an exam every weekend within 20 miles of Pasadena.

There is a small exam fee. The tests are corrected on the spot. If you don't succeed at first, you can ask to retake the test (twice) for an additional fee. If you do pass the test, you can go on and take the test for the next class without any extra payment. A few days after you've passed the exam you can find out your call sign on-line at with the ARRL. Your license will arrive by mail after about 3 weeks.

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