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Radio Study Guides:

Miscellaneous websites:
Amateur Radio Newsline
American Radio Relay League
IRLP Internet Radio Linking Project
Collegiate Championship
Amateur Radio Resources: Scanners
An Amateur's Guide to Ham Radios
Radio Communication Education and Awareness
DIY Hacking
ROHM Electronics Basics
Field Service Management Guide: Telecommunications Timeline
All About Circuits
Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications
Ultimate Guide to Disaster Preparedness on a Budget

Southern California Repeater Lists:
SOCAL Repeater List
Callsign Lookup Servers:
UALR's U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page
QRZ's Callsign Database
Ham Radio Stores and Equipment Suppliers:
AES - Amateur Electronic Supply
Astron Corporation
Gigaparts (Ususlly has the cheapest prices, no Tax and no shipping over $200.00)
Jun's Electronics
Ham Radio Outlet
Other Clubs:
Pasadena Radio Club W6KA
JPL Amateur Radio Club W6VIO
Southern California DX Club
Southern California Contest Club
mlist.cq-contest (Contest related articles)
mlist.dx (DX related stuff)
mlist.topband (160 meter related stuff)

Caltech personnel can also check out the CITARC newsgroup :
Storm Spotter:
Become A Storm Spotter From Home

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