Audition Information For
Inherit the Wind

When and Where can I audition?

Auditions for Inherit the Wind will be held in the Winnett Student Center on the following days and times:

Saturday, February 24th from 1pm to 5pm (Club Room 1)
Sunday, February 25th from 1pm to 5pm (Winnett Lounge)
Monday, February 26th from 7pm to 10pm (Club room 1)

If you are unable to make these times,
special arrangements can be made by emailing Chris Springfield at

Who Can Audition?

All members of the JPL/Caltech Community are welcome to participate in any TACIT production. This includes students (Undergrad and Graduate), faculty, staff (Caltech and JPL), as well as members of the Caltech Community (Alumni, spouses, children, parents, etc.) Past productions have had Nobel Laureates and distinguished Rocket Scientists rubbing elbows and banging bongo's with frosh.

What if I have never acted before?

Experience is a great thing, but is never a requirement to be involved. What counts is enthusiasm and commitment to excellence. We want people who are dedicated to giving the best performance they can, even if its their first. Besides, you can't get experience by standing on the sidelines, you have to dive right into the mud. Who knows? You might just find that you had a talent you never knew about.

What Type of Roles are Available?

Inherit the Wind is a big show with lots of parts. You will find that there is a role to fit just about any schedule and level of experience. We want to get a lot of people involved, so what ever your conflict, we should be able to work around it.

There are several lead roles for the most adventurous souls. These require a real time commitment of 4 to 5 rehearsals a week. Since ITW is a dialog driven show, the lead roles require a good memory and a strong voice. However, there is quite a reward for those who take on these roles because they are some of the finest written characters in American Drama. These roles are mostly for people who will be around for all or at least part of spring break

For those who want a little less on their plate, there are a fair number of medium sized roles. These require a time commitment of no more than 2 or 3 rehearsals a week. The dialog in some of these roles is less intensive and there is a lot of flexibility in the characters. There are some great minor characters which add some real depth to show. These would be great roles for both experienced actors as well as people with limited experience. Perfect for someone with less time.

For the timid, terrified, or just time-constrained, ITW has a great deal of small bit parts. These range from a few choice lines to just sitting and acting very scientist like. These roles would require a single rehearsal a week at most. The roles are mostly townsfolk, jurors, the press and a few distinguished scientists. For those who just want to test the water, this might just be the type of role you want. For those who lead busy lives, you would only need to be there for the major rehearsals. In addition, these roles could be doubled up for people who may not be able to attend all of the performances.

How long will a typical rehearsal be?

Chris believes in running efficient rehearsals. This means that rehearsals will be broken down enough to prevent wasting people's time. In addition, he intends to try and keep the rehearsals loose and fun. Rehearsals will usually run from 7-10 on weekdays and from 1-5 on weekends. Mondays and Fridays will be clear for everyone until the week before performance. If the production runs smoothly, there should be very few late nights, even during Hell Week (the week before performance).

What if I want to work on Crew?

Then you are a God! This show needs a good crew of people. We still need a stage manager, production coordinator, and prop master. In addition, we need people who can help with costumes, lights, sets, makeup, and just general work before and during the production.

Anyone interested in doing crew should also come by auditions and fill out an information sheet. You can also email Chris Springfield directly at any time and express your interest in crew work. Check out the Who We Need page for the positions we need to fill.

What do I get out of this experience?

You get the chance to break the barriers between faculty, staff, and students. Caltech and JPL people interact socially, providing valuable contacts in the future. TACIT has forged many long-time friendships, research collaborations, and even a few marriages. In addition, it gives you a release from the daily grind of schoolwork, research and/or meetings that drag on all day. But most of all, you get the chance to work on a profound work of American Theatre and see it come to life in part because of YOUR participation.

We hope you can come by and be a part of
Inherit the Wind.

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Authored by Chris Springfield, Director of "Inherit the Wind"
This page last updated 2/16/95