Major Character Breakdowns for
Inherit the Wind

Sen. William Harrison Brady
Modern Equivalent: Pat Buchannan/Ted Kennedy type

Senator Brady is an older man in his late 50's or early 60's. Known as a gifted orator and brilliant politician, Brady has achieved a comfortable station in life. Portly in stature, Brady enjoys being in the spot light. He is a man who enjoys hearing his own voice booming out to an audience of devoted followers. Despite losing two bids for President of the United States, the senator from Nebraska remains extremely popular among the common Christian people of rural America. As a self proclaimed expert on the bible, he comes to Hillsboro to help defend the common man from "Evil-ution" and those who teach it.

Henry Drummond
Modern Equivalent: Alan Dershowitz/F. Lee Baily type

Henry Drummond is also an older gentleman in his late 50's. Perhaps, the most talented lawyer of his generation, Drummond has successfully defended some of the most notorious criminals in America. Outside of a courtroom, he is quiet and reserved. But inside a courtroom, he has a charm that makes it hard to disagree with what he says. He is passionate about the law and views it as a search for the truth. He is an idealist at heart, but has a realists view of the law. He comes to Hillsboro to not only defend a simple school teacher, but defend the rights of an individual to think and reason for himself or herself.

E. K. Hornbeck
Modern Equivalent: Dennis Miller/"His Girl Friday" type

Hornbeck's age is really indeterminate, although he does display the cynicism of a man who has experienced quite a lot in life. He considers himself to be a columnist and not a reporter. This affords him the right to be quite opinionated. A wise-cracking city-man, Hornbeck enjoys poking fun at the simple life of Hillsboro as well as their backward view of evolution. Although extremely intelligent at times, he tends to be quick with a judgment, believing he knows the "Real" truth. In the show, he serves as both the comic relief as well as a representative of what has become refered to as "the intellectual elite".

Bertram Cates, Defendant

Bert Cates is a young man in his mid to late 20's. Bert is quiet and reserved man. Despite his conflicts with Rev. Brown's view of religion, he broke the law not because of a desire to ridicule or subvert religion. He did it because he felt that it was unjust to withhold new ideas from people simply because they may be in conflict with religion. However, he does not like making people upset, so his decision to fight for what he believes in is made more difficult by Rachel and all of the hoopla surrounding his case.

Rachel Brown

Rachel Brown is a young woman in her mid 20's. Rachel is a kind and gentle person who tries to avoid controversy. She would rather give in than fight. Her relationship with her father, Rev. Brown, is so intertwined with her religious beliefs, that she views any deviation from her beliefs to be at odds with her father. These problems make it difficult for her to support Bert, despite her obvious love for him. Through the course of the play, Rachel must confront her problems and discover that her love for Bert is the most important thing to her.

The Judge

The Judge is in his late 40's or early 50's. The Judge is a personable individual who enjoys the power he holds inside the courtroom. He is the voice of reason and probably the most impartial individual in Hillsboro. He acts based on what the law says and not his own personal opinion. All through the play, the Judge acts like the ring master over this circus of events.

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Authored by Chris Springfield, Director of "Inherit the Wind"
This page last updated 2/18/95