Bit Character Breakdowns for
Inherit the Wind

News Reporters

Speaking Roles

Reuters Reporter: English Person from Reuters News service.
Photographer: Person who takes pictures several times.

Non Speaking Roles

2 or 3 other Reporters and Photographers


Speaking Roles

Mr. Bannister: Local man selected to be on jury.
George Sillers: Handy man who is selected for the jury.
Hot Dog Man: Tries to sell Hornbeck a hot dog when he arrives.
Mr. Bollinger: Trumpet Player who plays when Brady arrives.
Mr. Cooper: Local man on jury.

Non-Speaking Roles

Hurdy Gurdy Man: Brings on a monkey with organ grinder.
6 other Jurors (could be men or women)

Local Townsfolk

Speaking Roles

Timmy: Young boy that sees Brady's train.
Melinda: Young girl who Howard torments. She gives two pennies to monkey.
Mrs. Loomis: Melinda's mother.
Mrs. Blair: Howard's Mother.
Jesse Dunlap: Handy man who is rejected from the jury.
Mrs. McLain: Local woman who tries to sell a fan to Hornbeck.

Non-Speaking Roles

The 6 other jurors can be in the crowd scenes.


Non-Speaking Roles

Dr. Amos Keller: Head of Zoology Dept. at University of Chicago
Dr. Allen Page: A church deacon and Prof. of geology and archeology.
Walter Aaronson: Philosopher, anthropologist and author.

Major Characters
Minor Characters

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Authored by Chris Springfield, Director of "Inherit the Wind"
This page last updated 2/18/95