Minor Character Breakdowns for
Inherit the Wind

Reverend Jeremiah Brown

Reverend Brown is a man in his mid 50's. Rev. Brown is a real preacher type. He takes the word of God as truth and views all deviations from that to be blasphemy. He gives a real "Fire and Brimstone" sermon during the play.

Tom Davenport, District Attorney

Tom Davenport is a man (or woman) in his late 20's or early 30's. Although a firm believer in the law, he is biased toward the religious viewpoint of the case. He serves as Brady's right hand man during the trial.

Mrs. Sarah Brady

Sarah Brady is Sen. Brady's wife. She is also in her late 50's and completely devoted to her husband. She keeps constant watch over his health and spirits.

Mr. Meeker, The Bailiff

Bailiff Meeker is a man in his 50's. He been the bailiff for many years and has seen lots of different people. Meeker is kind and non-judgmental. He likes Bert and helps makes his stay in the jail pleasant.

The Mayor of Hillsboro

The mayor is a man in his late 40's. He epitomizes the small town mayor. He is filled with self importance because of his position and is always concerned about how his actions will be viewed by the townsfolk.

Howard Blair, Student in Bert's class

Howard is probably 13 or 14 year old. He is a very sincere young man who does not quite understand what Bert did wrong. He is a witness for the prosecution, but does not help either cause.

Harry Y. Esterbrook, Radio Man

Harry Y. Esterbrook is a man (or woman) in his early 20's. Harry appears near the end of the trial to broadcast the result of the trial to the rest of the country. He is a very energetic and enthusiastic person.


Elijah is a man in his late 30's. He is a hermit type that wanders the town passing out bibles and providing his own brand of religion. He is vigorously against Bert and makes several outbursts during the trial.

Mrs. Krebs

Woman in her late 40's or early 50's. Either a widow or old-maid type who is also quite religious. She owns the town's boarding house. Before and during the trial, she is very outspoken against Bert and also has a tendancy to interrupt the trial.

Mr. Goodfellow

Mr. Goodfellow is probably in his 30's. He runs the general store next to the courthouse. Although being against Bert initially, Mr. Goodfellow is not terribly excited by the trial. He is more concerned about his business.

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Authored by Chris Springfield, Director of "Inherit the Wind"
This page last updated 2/18/95