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clarification on Quiz 2 wording

In problem #3, "ring" should read "coil"


lecture cancelled

Prof. Lange is out sick today. Today's lecture is cancelled.

March 11, 2000

Phys 1 Anal Review

There is a final exam review tommorow (Sunday) at 2 PM, in 269 Lauritsen.


Hmwk #8 Due Monday, 2/28

In order to help facilitate a successful party at Rudduck house this weekend, the due date for Hmwk #8 is postponed till Monday at noon. Hmwk should be handed in at the usual place.


Page and Fleming ombudsman

We need ombudspersons from Fleming and Page for Physics 1b(analytical) in time for an ombuds meeting on Friday at noon. We have volunteers for the other houses.

Please have the ombudsperson in your house contact Helen Ticehurst ( in order to arrange for lunch for the Friday meeting.



there will be an ombudsman meeting in room 114 E Bridge this Friday, 1/28, immediately after lecture. all of the ombudsman should come and see Prof. Lange today after lecture, so that he can get your names.

January 24, 2000

Quiz #1 / Lecture Notes

Quiz #1 and notes from Friday's cancelled lecture are available now next to the mailboxes in E Bridge, along with the other handouts for the course.

January 23, 2000

1/21 lecture notes

Notes from Friday's lecture, which was cancelled due to President Clinton's visit, will be available at 10 AM on Monday, January 24.


Quiz # 1 / Hmwk # 3

Although lecture for Friday, 1/21, is cancelled, please turn in your homework by *noon* at the usual place. Homework solutions will be available then, as will Quiz #1 (this supercedes the previous posting, which stated that the Quiz would not be available till 4 PM).


Friday lecture cancelled

The lecture for Friday, January 21, is cancelled as are all classes for that morning, due to the President's visit to campus. The Quiz will be available to be picked up at 4 PM tomorrow, along with lecture notes for the lecture that Prof. Lange intended to give tomorrow.

January 15, 2000

TA Office hours

TA office hours are currently as follows:

Hartl: Th at 11 PM in 114 E Bridge
Lipan: M at 10-11 AM in 374 Sloan
Newman: after section or by appointment
Phillips: M and Th at 12-2 in 328 Downs
Soifer M at 4 to 5:30 in 312 Downs

January 15, 2000

tickets for string conference

I am sad to report that I was unable to get any tickets to today's string conference. The tickets were made available only to faculty and senior research staff.

The organizer says that anyone who is waiting outside will be given a seat if there are any left. The talks will be in Ramo auditorium, and you can see a schedule for them at

January 5, 2000

Section 8

Section 8 is at 10 PM, not 10 AM, as was listed earlier.

January 5, 2000

Web Site Updated

The web site has been updated with this year's syllabus, course info, and instructors.

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