Physics 1 TIDE Information
The Physics 1bc Website project has existed for two years. During the summer of 1998 and 1999, students have worked on this site, including the html, graphics and applets that you see.

The Physics 1bc Website project is part of the Teaching and Interdisciplinary Education Program (TIDE) at Caltech, under the Student Faculty Programs (SFP) Office, which also runs SURF, MURF, and Frosh Surf programs. A stipend of $4,000 is provided under all SFP programs.

Students can expect working with Professor Andrew Lange over the summer, focusing on writing html pages and java applets on physics for the web site and course. Examples of previous applets can be viewed at the applet page. Previous programming experience is not needed but recommended. The introductory CS 1 (C), 2 (C++) and 3 (Java) courses are also recommended.

If you are interested in the Physics 1 Web Site Project for summer 2000, visit the TIDE web site, or email phys1@cco, sfp@cco, or Professor Andrew Lange.

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