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The Theoretical AstroPhysics Including Relativity (TAPIR) group is part of the Division of Physics, Mathematics, and Astronomy at Caltech.

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We also have a directory of all group members.

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Research in the TAPIR group includes, but is not limited to, the subjects in the following list.

Solar System
Helioseismology; formation and dynamics of the planets.
Evolution of X-ray binaries and binary pulsars; stellar collisions and interactions in globular clusters and galactic nuclei; plasma physics in stars and supernovae;
Compact Objects
Oscillation modes in white dwarfs and other stars; white dwarf cooling; Newtonian and General Relativistic dynamics of pulsars; gravitational waveforms from merging compact binaries; pulsar emission mechanisms; recycling of neutron stars in globular clusters and Galactic binaries; pulsar magnetic field decay; accretion disks and jets from X-ray binaries (neutron star and black hole).
Black hole engines in active galaxies; radiative transfer in active galaxies; magnetic winds; galactic structure and dynamics; turbulence in the interstellar medium.
The Universe
The origin of large scale structure in the universe, the cosmic microwave background, dark matter (supersymmetric particles, axions, ...); gravity wave sources, background, and detection -with a close relation to the LIGO and LISA gravity wave detector development; strong and weak gravitational lensing; the ionization and evolution of the intergalactic medium; origin and detection of primordial magnetic fields; primordial element abundances.

Further information on theoretical astrophyics and relativity research at Caltech can be found in our page in the graduate recruiting brochure.

Research Opportunities

If you are interested in joining the TAPIR group, and are already at Caltech, come see us. If you are not employed by Caltech, here is how to apply for positions at various levels:

[cso image] Other astronomy resources at Caltech

Much of our research is done in conjunction with members of Caltech's Astronomy Department, and, within the Physics Department, the Infrared Astrophysics Group, the Space Radiation Laboratory, and the LIGO team.

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