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Professor of Theoretical Astrophysics

PhD 1983, Cambridge University; BS 1980, California Institute of Technology; 1995 AAS Warner Prize, 1999 Salpeter Lecturer.

Short short curriculum vitae, recent pubs (adobe pdf, 3 page).

Selected Recent Publications

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Research Interests

High-energy relativistic astrophysics and low-energy Newtonian astrophysics. Both can be elegant and fun. For seemingly accidental reasons, a common thread in many of my research projects has turned out to be the importance of antimatter (specifically electron-positron pairs) in astrophysical objects.
Graduate Students Click on name to see current place of employment, paper icon for (incomplete) publications.
Prof. M. Coleman Miller [PhD 1990] [papers icon], Prof. Steinn Sigurdsson [PhD 1991] [papers icon], Lin Zuo [PhD 1991] [papers icon], Prof. Maurice H.P.M. van Putten [PhD 1992] [papers icon] book, Prof. Alice C. Quillen [PhD 1993] [papers icon], Prof. Bradley M.S. Hansen [PhD 1996] [papers icon], Prof. Sanjoy Mahajan [PhD 1998] books, Michael Hartl [PhD 2003] [papers icon] books, J. Nate Bode [PhD 2011] [papers icon], Christopher Wegg [PhD 2012] [papers icon], Io Kleiser [PhD 2018][papers icon], Elena Murchikova [PhD 2018] [papers icon]
(co-advisor) Anna Ho papers icon]
Senior Thesis
Adam Jermyn (won 2015 APS Apker Prize for this thesis)
Postdoctoral Fellows
Prof. Andrzej Zdziarski [papers icon], Prof. Isaac Shlosman [papers icon], Prof. G. Mark Voit [papers icon], Prof. Ari Laor [papers icon], Prof. Dong Lai [papers icon], Prof. Andrew Melatos [papers icon], Prof. Eric Blackman [papers icon], Prof. Scott Hughes [papers icon], Guillaume Dubus [papers icon], Greg Ushomirsky [papers icon], Marc Freitag [papers icon] Prof. Jonathan Gair [papers icon], Michael Hartl [papers icon], Prof. Prof. Naoki Seto papers icon], Prof. Yasushi Mino papers icon], Prof. Milos Milosavljevic papers icon], Etienne Racine papers icon], Prof. Michael Kesden papers icon], Prof. Kumiko Kotera papers icon], Drew Clausen papers icon], Prof. Jim Fuller papers icon], Jono Squire papers icon]
Clement Bonnerot papers icon], Wenbin Lu papers icon] Paz Beniamini papers icon],Ilaria Caiazzo papers icon], Dongzi Lipapers icon] (Sept 2020-), Abigail Polinpapers icon] (Sept 2020-)

Courses taught

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Spouse: Lin Yan, Children: Isabelle, Sophie
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