Symphony of Psalms

`It is not a symphony in which I have included Psalms to be sung. On the contrary, it is the singing of the Psalms that I am symphonizing.' --- Igor Stravinsky

Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms is perhaps the most completely integrated of all Stravinsky's major works and the one which best defines his sense of the spiritual discipline ('habit') and personal effacement of creative work.


The reasons behind the composition of the Symphony of Psalms. Was this work actually an expression of Stravinsky's personal faith in God?


The bare essentials of the work, including its orchestration, dedication, and premières in Europe and in America.


How closely did the Symphony of Psalms resemble the classical symphonic form?


Not for the faint-hearted! A musical analysis of the work, citing its architecture and its resemblance to Stravinsky's earlier works.


The Latin text, with a line-by-line translation in English.

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