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  • CaltechC Visitors and Postdocs
  • CaltechC Visitors and Postdocs is a non-political, non-profit, and independent organization with the support of CaltechC. This group will not only be a social network where we can make friends and build up new cooperation, but we can also share experience and information on work and life.

    You may join us if you are or will be a Chinese visitor or postdoc at Caltech.

    Two steps to join us:

    Step 1. Please send an email to Lei Xu (leixu AT with your personal information (in Chinese): Name, Caltech email, Personal email, Academic division at Caltech, University/Institute in China, Research interests.

    Step 2. Then, join in the QQ group, Group Name: CaltechC Visitors and Postdocs, Group No.:131333824, Identity verification: will be sent to you via email.

    PS: only previous/current visitors or postdocs with a Caltech email can join in our WeChat group.

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