I've added Flowers & Mushroom's site.


The Stravinsky Page by Jonathan Kandell

A beautiful collection of opinions and information. Includes a great Stravlinsky (Stravinsky Links) page.

Igor Fyodorovich Stravinsky

Actually a biography, but with appropriate annotations. Maintained by Pasi Nousiainen who has a lot more pages about othere interests in music, and more.

Flowers & Mushroom's Site

An up and coming site with stuff about Oedipus Rex. Also part of a larger collection.

Other biographies

Music Files

Classical MIDI Archives

Contains many MIDI files from different contributors. This is the most complete source of classical music files available. However, they are only for personal use.

Mu 123

This project was a result of a project for the Mu 123 class taught by T. Neenan in Caltech. Check out the Caltech Music Program. Here are the other web sites that were set up by my classmates.

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