AUGUST, 2005


Caltech Badminton Team Kisses the Championship Cup of SOTX 2005 SWCSSA Collegiate Badminton Tournament

by Huiqiang Lou





“SOTX 2005 SWCSSA Collegiate badminton Championship” is hosted by Southwestern Chinese Student Scholar Association (SW-CSSA), in order to promote a rally for Badminton World Champion in Anaheim and largely to serve as a gathering for all those who love the sport. This tournament features teams from the five UC schools (UCLA, UCI, UCSD, UCR, and UCSB), California Institute of Technology (Caltech), University of Southern California (USC), California State Universities (Los Angeles, Fullerton, Long Beach, San Diego) as well as many other schools in Southern California.

The preliminary competition of the tournament took place in 30 July.
After 7 hours' intense competition, our Caltech team got the first position of the northern conference, held at UCLA. The playoff/finals were held at UCI, August 7th, 10am---7pm. After we eliminated UCSD by
4:1 in the semifinal match, we faced our real overwhelming competitor, the host UCI badminton club. In the first game, our Woman’s Single convinced the opponent who never lost a single game in this tournament. This greatly excited and spurred our boys; they put our team to championship stand by winning Man’s Double and Man’s Single.

Several Cers including some committees joined us for this exciting badminton trip. They provided us Gatorade drinks, lunch as well as tons of applauds and cheers.

Good communication, collaboration, and teamwork spirit are the only possible ways we can make something happen.

The final competition is reported by several media including KSCI LA18 news, and lots of newspapers. Such activities are promised to be held annually.

Provided is the final result of 2005 SWCSSA badminton tournament:
Caltech -- 1st place;
UC Irvine -- 2nd place;
UCSD, USC (in alphabetic order) -- 3rd place.

Here are Caltech Badminton Team members:
Xiaolan Wu, Xiang Liu, Zhimei Yan, Yibo Jiang, Daniel Geng, Xinwei Yu, Zhengrong Wang, Huiqiang Lou.

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