Yen's Song

Yen's Song

When Yen came to Caltech, she joined the Sternberg lab
It was just for the summer, but she stayed 'cause it was fab
She decided the topic of her graduate education
would be: IP3 signaling in ovulation

Well, the IP3 kinase should have an effect,
but the lfe-2 hermaphrodites, they showed no defect
and from that moment on she knew she'd spend her days
workin' on the IPP-5 phosphatase

So she looked at ovulation in sy605
and instead of just one, they squeezed out two oocytes
Now she's shown that for precise ovulation,
there's a lot more goin' on than receptor activation

As if a PhD from Caltech weren't no big thing,
now she's headed off to med school, an' she decided this spring
that while Chicago just might be her kind of town,
if she left us it would only bring her down

So for the Buis and the lab it was a happy day,
when we learned that she was goin' down to UCLA.