The Ballad of Nadeem

Lab of the Rising Sun

There once was a man from Ormstown (say what?)
They called him Deemie or Nad.
He liked to racewalk, yeah he wiggled his butt,
and his knowledge of Star Trek wasn't bad.

In Ben Neel's lab he did his best
for retinoic acid receptor glory.
And he wasn't real suave or even well dressed,
but he managed to win over Lori.

In the Sternberg lab his screen went great,
he got sop-1 or was it dpy-22?
And he found an effect of behavior on cell fate
that was acting through Gq.

Now he's got a new job in SLC
and we're sad he'll be so far,
But at least we'll have a place to stay when we ski,
and hey, I get his car.

Now students, to you I've got something to say-
while the Moghal lab seems fun,
he'll have you swim all day and work all night
in the lab of the rising sun.
You'll be sore from the pull-ups, too tired to boggle right,
in the lab of the rising sun.