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Here is a compilation of links containing information about J.S. Bach.


  • Bach biography describes his life in the different places where he lived.
  • Creative story based on Bach biography.
  • Cantatas

  • Jan Koster writes an introduction to Bach's cantatas.
  • Overview of Bach's cantatas.
  • Brief description of each of Bach's cantatas.
  • Passions

  • Bach passion music a brief introduction
  • B-Minor Mass

  • Recommended recordings
  • MIDI Files

  • Ultimate collection of Bach's works, by Pierre R. Schwob of PRS Corporation, includes: Mass in B Minor (Movts. 1-6), chorales, preludes and fugues, inventions, French Suites, Well-Tempered Clavier, toccatas, trio sonatas, Goldberg Variations, violin concertos, The Art of the Fugue, and Brandenburg Concertos
  • Extensive MIDI collection, by Utrecht Univ. of the Netherlands, contains instrumental and vocal works, including: chorales, violin works, and many keyboard pieces
  • Chorales of J.S. Bach, by Margaret Greentree of San Francisco, very complete collection of 400 chorales
  • Harpsichord music of J.S.Bach, performed by John Sankey, includes Bach's suites, partitas, Goldberg Variations, and toccatas
  • General

  • Good summary of Bach's major instrumental and vocal works, by Tim Cordell
  • More web sites with Bach information
  • Extensive bibliography
  • Jan Hanford and Jan Koster's Bach home page
  • Selective list of recordings of Bach's most popular instrumental and vocal works
  • In-depth analysis of Bach's cannons and fugues, by Tim Smith of Northern Arizona Univ.
  • Pictures

  • Pictures of Bach family house and others related to his life.

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