Musset's Fantasio is an almost-romance with an almost-happy ending involving a wig, a fishhook, a dungeon, disguise, mistaken identity, a hunchback, a funeral, a war, a kingdom, a Princess, four bored students, a court jester, and the keys to ... you get the idea.

Musset wrote it in 1834.

Remember Musset? He lived in Paris, wrote light, evocative, tre's subtle, ambiguous plays (A Door should be Open or Shut, The Caprice of Marriane) and poems and had an affair with George Sand. Remember George Sand? She wrote novels, smoked cigars, wore trousers (no small matter in those days) and had an affair with Liszt (Remember Liszt? He was from Austria and played the piano.) Oh, and with Chopin (Remember Chopin? He was from Poland, played the piano and coughed a lot).

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