School for Husbands
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Written by
Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere
School for Husbands Directed by
Shirley Marneus

October 30 through November 15
Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm
Sundays at 2pm
at Caltech's Dabney Lounge

Cast List
Sganerrelle Adam Burgasser
Ariste George Zamanakos
Isabelle Diana Lavely
Leonar Carrie Garner
Lisette Erica Rolufs
Valere Chris Krok
Ergaste James Gleeson
Magistrate Craig Peterson
Notary Calum Chisholm
Lantern Bearer Ryan Poquette

Crew List
Director Shirley Marneus
Assistant Director,
Stage Manager
Valerie Scruggs
Lighting Design Dan Reed
Karen Vargo
Costume Design Diane Winesburg
Costume Assistant Patricia McKenna
Assistant Stage Managers Delores Walker
Craig Peterson
Music Russ Litchfield
Production Assistant,
Tish Hauge
Light Board Operator Chris Springfield
Poster Graphic Nancy Galini
Poster & Program Layout Anna Huber
Photography Bob Paz
Ryan Poquette
Archivist Chris Springfield
Mailing Gavin Claypool

Moliere Links

Rehearsal Schedule

Tuesday 8 Dabney Adam, George, Diana, Carrie, Erica (blocking)
Wednesday 9 Ramo Adam, Chris, James
Thursday 10 Dabney Act I
Friday 11 Ramo Act II
Sunday 13 Ramo Adam, Diana, Chris
Tuesday 15 Dabney Chris, Diana
Wednesday 16 Dabney Diana, Carrie, Erica
Thursday 17 Dabney Adam, Chris, James
Friday 18 Dabney Act III
Saturday 19 Ramo Act I Note: 12-2pm
Sunday 20 Ramo Act II
Monday 21 Ramo Act III
Wednesday 23 Ramo Act I
Friday 25 Dabney Act II 7-9pm
Saturday 26 TBA Act I,III 12-3pm
Sunday 27 Winnett Lounge Run-through 7-10pm
Monday 28 TBA Chris, Adam, James
Tuesday 29 Dabney Adam, George
Wednesday 30 Ramo Diana, Adam
Thursday 1 Dabney Carrie, Diana, Erica, Adam, George7-9pm
Friday 2 Catalina Rec Room Diana, Adam, Chris, James 7-9pm
Saturday 3 Dabney Run through
Sunday 4 Ramo Adam, George
Monday 5 TBA Act II
Tuesday 6 TBA Act III
Wednesday 7 Ramo Chris, James
Thursday 8 Dabney Carrie, Erica, Diana, George
Friday 9 Dabney Act I, Act II 7-9pm
Saturday 10 Ramo Run through
Monday 12 Winnett Act II 9:30 - 11pm
Tuesday 13 Winnett Act III; photos 5-7pm @ Dabney
Wednesday 14 Ramo Act I
Friday 16 Dabney Act I,III 7-9pm
Saturday 17 Winnett Act II
Sunday 18 Ramo Run through
Monday 19 Winnett Act II 9:30 - 11pm
Tuesday 20 Winnett Act III
Wednesday 21 Ramo Act I
Thursday 22 Dabney Run Through
Friday 23 Dabney Run Through 7-10pm
Saturday 24 Ramo Run Through
Sunday 25 Ramo everyone 12-5pm
Monday 26 Dabney everyone 8-?
Tuesday 27 Dabney everyone 8-?
Wednesday 28 Dabney everyone 8-?
Thursday 29 Dabney everyone 8-?
Friday 30 Dabney CALL 6:30pm OPENING
Rehearsal Times: Weekdays 8:00-10:30 pm, Weekends 12-3 pm unless otherwise indicated
Times and Locations are approximate, updates are available from Valerie or Shirley