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New Narratives for the 21st Century

New Narratives for the 21st Century

Wednesday, June 3rd 7:30PM
Ramo Auditorium

The future of storytelling by Caltech students.

"Storytelling: Improvisation with New Media" students performing an evening of humourous and personal stories about science, passion, and belief with exciting new-form digital media.

Storytelling is fundamental to humanity: it's how humans share experiences, learn from the past, and imagine the future. Rethinking what "storytelling" will be in the 21st century, our storytellers take a dynamic new approach to performance that recognizes and responds to the changing communications landscape.

Featuring performances by
Patrick Yu
Sean Mckenna
Michael Wong
Ratnalekha Viswanadham
Heidi Klumpe

See Vipul Singhal’s hilarious story from last year:

“Adventures of a Wushu Padawan”

Directed by Brian Brophy



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