Club Dues and Association

The swim club is associated with United States Masters Swimming (USMS). This means you must join Masters annually ($54/year) to swim with the club. In return, you are covered by the group insurance policy. The insurance includes accident and liability coverage during all sanctioned events and organized workouts that are supervised by a USMS member or coach. You will also receive a USMS swimmer magazine bimonthly, which contains articles on nutrition, stroke tips, competetions, and other Masters swimmers. You are welcome to try a few workouts before making the commitment to join; however, the club must pay for coaches and pool rent, so all club members must pay monthly dues.

Dues are

$54/year for United States Masters Swimming (USMS).

$30/month or $60/quarter for Caltech students

$40/month for everyone else.

$10 for an ID card for non-Caltech members