Meet The Coaches

Every Masters coach I have ever met has been friendly, encouraging, and all around a terrific coach; the Caltech coaches are no exception.
Kenny, in sunglasses, smiling on pooldeck

Kenny has been coaching since the invention of water in 1978. He coaches the Monday and Wednesday evening workouts as well as all morning workouts. Typically his sets consist of a combination of short and long distances. He is famously known to throw in a Bon Bon at the end of the workout in form of relay sprints.

Mo, smiling on the pooldeck

Mo has been coaching at Caltech since 1994. Prior to his coaching career he was seen playing waterpolo on a nationally ranked JC team at PCC and swam D1/UCLA. He coaches the Tuesday and Thursday evening workouts. His workouts are fabulously counterbalanced to Kenny's workouts. Mo is the the inventer of the drill/scull workout.

Si, in sunglasses, smiling on pooldeck

Si has been coaching since 2015. She has been an active member of the Caltech swim club, competing in Open water swims on a regular basis.

Henri, smiling on the pooldeck

Henri has been coaching at Caltech since 2016.