The Caltech Sailing Club

The sailing club lives again!! We have funding from ASCIT and the GSC as well as a Prindle catamaran that we hope to be sailing regularly by the summer. If supported by the Moore-Hufstedler Funds, we hope to have a small fleet and give lessons by late summer, as well. Please email sailclub@its with questions or join the (low-traffic) club mailing list.

Sailing is a fantastic sport, and Southern California is a great place to do it. No matter what your interests, dinghies or keelboats, racing or cruising, freshwater, coastal, or offshore, you can do it all here. Sailing here is characterized by steady winds, moderate seas, and fair weather. There are at least eight different islands in the area that you can sail to, with destinations ranging from lively Avalon Harbor at Catalina Island to the secluded islands of Santa Barbara and Santa Rosa. There are many bustling harbors around LA, and each has its core of dedicated racers.

Where to Go from Here....

Mon Feb 7 12:54:52 PST 2005