[CY EV Page] As of May 5, 1997, our electric CRX has a new home with Nicholas Duncan. We're happy for him and hope that he enjoys it as much as we did.

CRELTRC (C[see] ouR ELeTRiC): A 1984 Honda CRX that my wife Sandy Kapteyn and I had converted to electric in October of 1991. Since then we have made a number of modifications and improvements to it. This picture is was taken after the Claremont 4th of July parade in '93. 

Answers to the top three questions asked of us: 

Top Speed: 
85+ MPH 
40 miles of city driving

Car is designed for good handling and acceleration in local commuting and errands. 
Recharge time: 
8 hours for full charge (110 volt - 15 amp circuit) 

Photo Gallery of electric vehicles, including building CRELTRC.

CRELTRC: Detailed Configuration

Curb Weight Aprox. 2450 lbs. after conversion
1810 lbs. before conversion
Close to stock so handles and brakes well
Cost of parts Approx. $5,500
Batteries 120 volt main pack:
10 Trojan 5SHP
In '91 this was a high voltage pack!
I'd push to 168 volts on a new conversion
Motor Advanced DC 7 inch. Still wish that we'd used an 8 inch
Controler Kodiak C600 by Aubern Scientific 200 volts max (96-175 nominal)
600 amp current limit
Silent through entire range
Charger K&W on board 110 volt A/C
Auxiliary Power Sevcon - DC/DC converter with
in-line motorcycle battery
M/C batery functions as voltage balast
Power Brakes 12 volt Auxiliary vacuum pump
Suspension Front: adjusted torsion bars
Rear: Honda Civic Station Wagon Springs

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