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Our first EV, CRELTRC. (A labor of love, and a fun toy to play with!) We bought it back after GM sent us our 'Dear John' letter. Page 1, Page 2 This is actually our Gen 1 (1997) EV1. We also had a red Gen 2 (1999) EV1 with NiMH batteries that was taken back by GM on December 23, 2002 under duress. People did everything short of stealing the car to keep it, but GM would not allow the lease period to be extended. License plate reads SPAC SHP (Space Ship). Check out extra pictures of our EV1 in Old Town Pasadena.

Comments appreciated, flames and extension cord jokes will be trashed.

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Links to some EV and Alternative Energy WWW resources. This is not meant to be a complete listing of EV WWW resources, just some of the ones that I like best and find most useful. 

Non-commercial organizations and people who are making a difference.

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