Mark Garcia

Updates 08/15/2013

I’m a Research Technician in the Geology Department at Caltech. My job is to maintain the division mineral, rock, meteorite & fossil collection for all research and academic needs. I’m also responsible for the division 
field vehicles, rock shipping & storage, maintain classrooms, provide training & maintenance of the division rock crushing, cutting, drilling and polishing equipment. 

Our online Collection Database currently contains photos & information of more than 32,400 minerals, rocks, meteorites & fossils that are currently in the division.

This database contains the following collections:
Mineral Reference Collection
Working Mineral Collection for classroom and teaching use
Rock Collection
GPS Mineral Museum display minerals (Gem Room)
Meteorite Collection
Thesis Rock Collection
Fossil Collection 

Mark Garcia

Research Technician

California Institute of Technology

Division of Geologic & Planetary Sciences

Mail Code 170-25

Pasadena, Ca 91125

  1. (626)395-6142

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