Shell Creek Monocline, Bighorn Mountains, Shell Canyon, Wyoming

Tonight we camped at Buffalo State Park. The drive to camp was only about 45 minute from Cody.

Shell Falls is located in Shell Canyon off U.S. Highway 14 and is about 11 miles northwest of the town of Shell. After a short lecture at the falls we drove down and pulled off the side of the road and Bryan and Martha talked about the Shell Creek Monocline.

After about a 40 minute geology lecture we hopped back into the van and drove to Cody, Wyoming.

Most of the drive to Cody was clear but as we got about 15 miles from town it really started to rain hard. Lightning was striking all around us and with about 5 mile to town the weather started to clear. With a weeks full of dirty clothing we had our first chance at clean our clothing at a laundromat. It took about 1 1/2 hours to wash. After washing Bryan and Martha gave everyone about 3 hours of free time to spend in Cody.

Students sketching the monocline in their field notebooks.

Everyone was given the option to eat dinner in Cody. So that’s exactly what Bryan, Martha, Chris and Myself did. We chose to eat dinner at the Silver Dollar Bar. The last time we drove on this trip the four of us also ate here and we enjoyed it so much we had to eat here again. Now Bryan, Chris and my self were hungry so we order “The Silver Dollar Burger” - $12. This was a burger with a full pound of meat. Two patties, bacon, cheese of choice and toppings of your choice. I ordered my burger with pepper jack cheese, grilled onions and jalapenos. The burger came with fries.

Yes, we ate all of our burgers and fries. Martha ordered the smaller half pound burger.

At first I did not think I was going to be able to finish this monster but I did.

Shell Falls