The photos on this page were taken on a field trip in February 1998 for Ge 11b, an introductory geology course at Caltech. We traveled down the Pacific coast to Laguna Figueroa, then crossed the Peninsular Ranges into the Sonoran Desert. Although it was dry by the time we reached the desert, we were reminded that this was indeed an El Niño year with a powerful and soggy storm that had left us drenched by the end of the first day. It certainly was a memorable trip....

All photos Copyright 1998, Aron Meltzner.


(1) Mohi, Amy, and others wade through the muck to look at the Sabhka environment in Laguna Figueroa. In many respects, this environment mimics that of the early earth.

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(2) Is that a Suburban under the mud? (3) A Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary section near San Antonio del Mar. Up in these hills lies the record of the great meteorite impact that is believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs. (4) No comment necessary -- ¡Gracias, Kurt!


(5) A tidal flat off Laguna Salada in the Sonoran Desert. The tidal flat extends for eleven miles -- that is, the tide is eleven miles further out at low tide than at high tide. You sure wouldn't want to be out on the flat when the tide comes rushing in!

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(6-7) Sand dunes in the Sonoran Desert.


(8) Another nice shot of a sand dune.

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