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This page created 12 Feb 2002.
Last modified 10 Oct 2010.


           Aron Meltzner


Hi!  Welcome to my website.  I'm a geology post-doc studying neotectonics, or earthquake geology, based at the Earth Observatory of Singapore.  I'm interested in earthquakes and faults, and my current research focuses on earthquake recurrence and fault segmentation.  I received a Bachelor of Science degree in geology from Caltech in 2000, a Master's degree in geology from San Diego State University in 2006, and a Ph.D. in geology from Caltech in 2010.  My Ph.D. thesis focused on the December 2004 and March 2005 southeast Asian earthquakes, and the long-term behavior of Simeulue island at the boundary of those two giant ruptures.  I'm busy continuing to write up results from my thesis and other projects in California, and I'm getting involved in new projects in Indonesia and South America.  Most of my time is split between California, Singapore, and Indonesia, and I'm rarely in one place for more than a month at a time.  If you'd like to know more or simply know where I am, e-mail me and drop me a line!