All Praise to God

A collection of anthems for junior choirs, unison and 2 part with organ.

Dear Girls and Boys:

Have you ever sat at the piano and counted the black and white
notes in the octave between middle C 
	and the next C above? 
		That's right! There are only twelve of them!

Yet music is such a wonderfuling that out of just 
	twelve simple tones, 
		composers can paint a picture, 
			tell a story, 
				or shape a melody that soars and surges along.

But a composer needs someone to bring the music to life!
The pages in this book are only a 
	jumble of little black notes 
		until you transform them into musical sounds!

Then you can whisk your listeners away to the
	crisp, wintry beouty of a Russian town, a-sparkle with new snow, 
		or to a lovely rose garden, 
			or back across the centuries to the time when 
				three of these melodies were first heard . . .

Yes, if you I ike to sing, 
	you can do so many magical things with music!

And best of all, as you sing these songs 
	it's a way of our being friends with each other 
		even though we are far apart 
			in time 

						Your friend,
					     Mary E. Caldwell