by Christopher Earls Brennen

Published jointly in 1994 by Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, and by Concepts ETI, Inc., U.S.A..
ISBN 0-933283-07-5 (Concepts ETI, Inc.)          ISBN 0-19-856-442-2 (Oxford University Press)

Available on the internet at

Also available in a Japanese translation by Professor Yoshi Tsujimoto,
published by Osaka University Press in 1998.

This book is intended as a combination of a reference for pump experts, and as a monograph for advanced students interested in some of the basic problems associated with the hydrodynamics of pumps. Chapters are devoted to basic principles, to two-dimensional performance analysis, to flow features, to cavitation parameters and inception, to bubble dynamics, damage and noise, to cavitation and pump performance, to pump vibration, to unsteady flow in hydraulic systems, and to radial and rotordynamic forces.

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