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September, 1999

Digital Audio Comes Of Age
Excerpt from review: After more than twenty years of silly claims and empty promises, of which "perfect sound forever" was the best known, digital audio has finally come of age, as shown by the performance of this combination of units. This development is so important that I'm reviewing them even though they're far above our usual price range. The              recorder, when used with the              "word clock," is the first reasonably-priced digital recording system whose sound quality I can recommend. It's far better than the minimum we need for our practice and teaching work; good enough, in fact, to make commercial releases. And no, I don't think it does as well as good analog recording. But in terms of equipment you can buy off the shelf, I don't know anything else, at or below the price, analog or digital, that's good enough to master an album; and this combination of units is that good....

To read the complete password-protected review... have your copy of To Hear Ourselves As Others Hear Us to hand. Click here. For "Name," enter "reader" (without the quotes). For "Password," enter the last word on page 50 (just the word; no punctuation).

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