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James Boyk's Qualifications in Piano Care

August 9, 1999


This letter is in regards to Mr. Jim Boyk's qualifications to supervise piano care.

As chief piano tuner/technician of the Concert & Artist department for the local Steinway dealer, I have had the pleasure of working with and for Mr. Boyk from 1964 thru 1997.

In taking care of the C&A pianos used by Mr. Boyk and other artists, as well as his personal Steinway grand and the grand piano in Dabney Lounge, I have found Mr. Boyk to have a thorough knowledge of tuning, action and tone regulation. His understanding of the instrument and his ability to communicate the requirements of a particular musical work, allow the technician to prepare the piano to concert readiness.

In my opinion, his technical knowledge plus his abilities as a concert performer qualify him in all aspects of piano care.


Kenyon Brown


To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure to work with Mr. James Boyk and prepared different 9 foot Steinways used for two of his concerts at Caltech and for a master class at USC as well. I've heard him play informally and in concert, and have had long discussions with him about pianos and their care. Mr. Boyk impressed me with his great knowledge and also his excellent sensitivity to adjustments of the action. As a pianist, especially his wonderful pianissimo is unforgettable. The article he wrote in the Scientific American shows a deep understanding of a piano-technician's task. In my opinion, Mr. Boyk is an ideal person to supervise piano care.

I've been at USC for two years. Before, I worked for 20 years in Switzerland and all over Europe, working with all kinds of world famous performers including pianist Alexis Weissenberg, Krystian Zimerman, Martha Argerich and many others. As concert technicians, we won a company award from Steinway Hamburg factory for excellent work regarding customer service. This award has been given only twice worldwide. As an adviser, I have also worked with the Fazioli piano factory in Italy and [have been] in piano maintenance for almost 30 years.


Robert Koning
Chief Piano Technician
USC Thornton School of Music