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Mihail Eugen Dumitrescu Class of 2012 Computer Science
Ron Appel Electrical Engineering
Ania Baetica Control and Dynamical Systems abaetica[at]
Liubomir Chiriac Mathematics
Mihai Florian Computer Science mflorian[at]
Monica Nastasescu Mathematics

Paula Popescu Applied Physics ppopescu[at]
Bogdan Stoica Physics bstoica[at]
Andrei Jorza Mathematics
Marius Stan Humanities and Social Sciences
Oana Tudusciuc Humanities and Social Sciences
Alexandra Mihaela Musat Class of 2012 Mathematics
Dan Betea Class of 2012 PhD Mathematics
Ioana Laura Aanei Class of 2011 Chemistry
Ana Balibanu Class of 2011 Mathematics
Tudor Dimofte Class of 2010 PhD Physics
Maria Irina Chiriac Class of 2009 BS Chemistry Current: Columbia, Graduate Student irinac[at]
Alexandra Velian Class of 2009 BS Chemistry Current: MIT, Graduate Student alexandra.velian[at]
Adrian Ioana Postdoc Mathematics Current: UCLA, Clay Research Fellow

Robert Mateescu Postdoc Computer Science Current: Microsoft Research Postdoc Researcher
Daniel Tofan Class of 2008 BS Chemistry Current: MIT, PhD Chemistry tofan[at]
Theodor Agapie Class of 2007 PhD Chemistry Current: Caltech, Associate Professor of Chemistry agapie[at]
Mihai Bondarescu Class of 2007 PhD Physics
Claudiu Giurumescu Class of 2007 PhD Chemical Engineering Current: UC San Diego, Postdoc in Chemistry cgiurumescu[at]
Andreea Stuparu Class of 2007 BS Chemistry Current: Chicago U, PhD Chemistry stuparu[at] stuparu[at]
Simona Tescu Class of 2007 BS Biology Current: MIT, PhD Biology tescu[at]
Anamaria Effler Class of 2006 BS Physics Current: Lousiana State University, PhD Physics and Astronomy aeffle2[at] aeffler[at]
Laurentiu Andrei Lita Class of 2006 BS ChemE Biomolecular Current: Case Western Reserve University, PhD ChemE a.lita[at] andrei_lita[at] a.lita[at]
Daniel Marco Class of 2006 Postdoc Information Science and Technology
Smaranda Marinescu Class of 2006 BS Chemistry Current: MIT, PhD Chemistry smara[at]
Stefan Mihalas Class of 2006 PhD Physics Current: Johns Hopkins University, Postdoc in Neuroscience mihalas[at]
Ruxandra Georgiana Paun Class of 2006 BS Computer Science Electrical and Computer Engineering Current: Google, Software Engineer
Tudor Stoenescu Class of 2006 Postdoc Information Science and Technology Current: American Express, Risk Manager
Cristian Tapus Class of 2006 PhD Computer Science Current: Google, Software Engineer cristian.tapus[at]

Andreea Boca Class of 2005 PhD Physics

Silviu-Doru Covrig Class of 2005 PhD Physics

Paula Diaconescu Class of 2005 Postdoc Chemistry Current: UCLA, Assistant Professor of Chemistry pld[at]
Marcel Gavriliu Class of 2005 PhD Computer Science Current: Microsoft Research, Research Engineer
Viviana Gradinaru Class of 2005 BS Biology Current: Stanford, Research Associate viviana[at]
Irina Nenciu Class of 2005 PhD Mathematics Current: University of Illinois at Chicago, Assistant Professor of Mathematics nenciu[at]
Delia Rosca Class of 2005 Mechanical Engineering
Claudiu Simion Class of 2005 PhD Biology Current: CGI Group, Consultant claudelu[at]
Mihai Stoiciu Class of 2005 PhD Mathematics Current: Williams College, Assistant Professor of Mathematics mstoiciu[at]
Sever Achimescu Class of 2004 PhD Mathematics
Calin Ciocarlie Class of 2004 PhD Physics
Luca Diaconescu Class of 2004 PhD Physics Current: Nortel, ASIC Designer
Bogdan Dumitru Class of 2004 BS Computer Science Current: TotalSoft claudelu[at]
Andrei Faraon Class of 2004 BS Physics Current: Hewlett-Packard, Postdoc Applied Physics andrei.faraon[at]
Cristian Jitianu Class of 2004 BS Chemistry and Biology Current: Bain Capital, Associate Consultant jitianu[at]
Suzana Sburlan Class of 2004 MS Applied Physics Current: Compound Semiconductor Lab, Researcher
Gabriel Stredie Class of 2004 PhD Applied Mathematics Current: Oracle, Software Engineer swgaby[at]
Mihail Amarie Class of 2004 BS Physics Current: Princeton University, PhD Physics mamarie[at]
Razvan Fetecau Class of 2003 PhD Applied Mathematics Current: Simon Fraser University, Assistant Professor of Mathematics van[at]
Paul Penzes Class of 2003 PhD Computer Science Current: Broadcom, Principal Scientist

Ingrid Cotoros Class of 2002 BS Physics Current: Lockheed Martin, Mechanical Engineer

Ioana Cozmuta Research Associate in Computational Chemistry 2002 Current: NASA, Research Scientist ioana73[at]
Radu Georgescu Class of 2002 MS Biochemistry Current: Amgen, Associate Scientist
Antal Gyori Class of 2001 BS Electrical Engineering Current: Fulcrum Microsystems, Circuit Design Engineer antalgyori[at]
Bogdan Craciun Class of 2001 PhD Applied Mathematics Current: Synopsys, Research Engineer bogdan[at]
Ovidiu Lipan Class of 2000 Postdoc in Mathematics

Costin Popescu Class of 2000 PhD Physics

Veronica Savu Class of 2000 BS Physics Current: EPFL, Postdoc in Nanotechnology veronica.savu[at]
Tudor Bosman Class of 1999 BS Computer Science Current: Facebook, Software Engineer tudorb[at]
Nicolae Chebeleu Class of 1999 BS Applied Mathematics
Liviu Mirica Class of 1999 BS Chemistry Current: Washington University in St. Louis, Assistant Professor of Chemistry mirica[at]
Eric Schmidt Class of 1999 BS Computer Science Current: Google, Software Engineer
Dan Angelescu Class of 1999 BS Physics Current: ESIEE, Professor of Nanotechnology

Dragos Harabor Class of 1997 BS Computer Science Current: Oracle, Software Engineer dh-linked[at]
Emil Praun Class of 1997 BS Computer Science Current: Google, Software Engineer

Danut Dragoi Postdoc Engineering and Applied Science
Gabriel Popa Member of Technical Staff spatialul[at]